The Stigma of Being Overweight

There are two sides of sigma relating to physical condition – the judgement of others and the judgement and disapproval of ourselves. The reality of society is that being overweight/obese can negatively impact many areas of our life, such as interaction with others, relationships, employment & livelihood, socialising, engaging in physical activities, sharing experiences with our children and even travelling – restricting overall quality of life. Feeling uncomfortable in your own body or to the extreme, self-loathing, is a very debilitating issue and far more common than you may think. We have two choices – to decide to ‘own it’ or to seek assistance to change it.

Fibre .... why it's important

To juice or not to juice? This is the question!


Time, willpower and priorities. What do you aspire to?

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Is too much of a good thing a bad thing?

Learned Resilience

Some believe that we are 'born' mentally 'weak' or mentally 'strong'. Life challenges are there to help us build strength - just as we do with our muscles in the gym ...

Diversity is the spice of life!

Early humans consumed around 500 different plan foods. Today - even healthy diets commonly consist of only 15-17 varieties. It's time to mix it up!