The fat loss plan designed by your biology.

Use our FREE Fat Loss Projection Calculator to find out how quickly you could reach your health goals.


The fat loss plan designed by your biology.

Use our FREE Fat Loss Projection Calculator to find out how quickly you could reach your health goals.


How It Works

Science. Not Guesswork

In 28 days, we completely reset the way your body functions.

  • WEEK 1


    METABOLIC FAT LOSS PROGRAMGet step-by-step support to help you understand your body, and your metabolism.

    GUT REHAB PROGRAMGain understanding of how foods impact your gut health and how to structure your daily routine to reduce gastrointestinal symptoms.

  • WEEK 2


    METABOLIC FAT LOSS PROGRAMYou entered into the optimum fat-burning zone. You'll experience significant fat loss, increased energy and improved sleep.

    GUT REHAB PROGRAMYou'll begin to notice changes occurring as a result of your daily food and lifestyle improvements. This is the time where opportunistic bacteria die-off and normal gut flora starts to thrive.

  • WEEK 3


    METABOLIC FAT LOSS PROGRAM21 days in, and it's time to mix things up. The transformation is now becoming evident.

    GUT REHAB PROGRAMSymptoms of dysbiosis may begin to diminish. Your digestion is making some great progress.

  • WEEK 4


    METABOLIC FAT LOSS PROGRAMYou feel calm, confident and well-informed. This week you really start to enjoy your new body.

    GUT REHAB PROGRAMYou've changed your habits, reduced gastrointestinal symptoms, minimised inflammation, and have a whole new understanding of your microbiome.

Program extension

For the Fat Loss program, we're happy to offer an extension of up to 4 weeks if you still have kilos to lose.

Metabolic Maintenance

To maintain the metabolic reboot achieved over the past 28 days, our MM program is your personalised 'blueprint'. You can continue to shed kilos or continue to heal your gut on this program if you still don't feel as though you've reached your ultimate goal.

Find out how quickly you coud reach your health goals.
Get started by using our FREE Fat Loss Projection Calculator.

Metabolic Fat Loss Program

Using your key biological markers, we focus on the correction of metabolic dysfunction, which may have derailed your previous weight loss efforts.

Over the 28 day program, you gain access to education about your body, transforming the way you approach your health and fat loss to achieve renewed energy, improved sleep, increased strength, mobility and reduced stress levels.

$2,000 $479 all-inclusive

or $47.90 a fortnight via

Gut Rehab Program

Our Gut Rehab program will identify and eliminate undesirable organisms that may reside in your gut. This process is designed to improve the integrity of your microbiome, addressing whole-body health and lifestyle factors to prevent future gastrointestinal dysfunction.

A customised regime of prebiotic and probiotic foods and supplements will be prescribed during this phase to match your individual microbiome.

$2,000 $479 all-inclusive

or $47.90 a fortnight via

Your Nutritionist and Coach

Donna Aston

I'm going to give you the confidence and the insider knowledge to finally gain control of your health and weight. As a Nutritionist (Deakin University) and Human Performance Coach, I've worked across Australia, USA and Europe for over 25 years. I've learnt from some of the best health professionals in the world … and in turn, I've taught some of the best.

Alongside my advisory team of medical specialists, I'm going to show you some simple and proven ways to not only manage your own health and weight, but quash many of the common myths, which have likely derailed your previous efforts.

I'll be holding you by the hand and teaching you everything, from how to prepare simple, healthy meals, to exercise, the importance of meal timing and how to manipulate your biology to successfully improve your metabolic health.

This is the only health and fat loss program you will ever need. Welcome to Aston RX – the 28-day program that will literally change your life.

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Transform your body, and your life, in 28 days with AstonRX.

Use our FREE Fat Loss Projection Calculator to find out how quickly you coud reach your health goals.