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The Aston Rx program is challenging the entire weight-loss industry. For decades we’ve been struggling to control our weight and related health problems. It’s time to admit that the ‘expert’ advice we’ve been receiving is wrong.

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We use cutting-edge science to create a customised health profile to transform your metabolism, renew energy, improve sleep, restore gut health and trigger rapid weight loss. The perfect combination of a guided nutrition plan and physical exercise regime, to help you reach your goals.

At Aston Rx, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to look and feel amazing - and it’s super simple!

“For many years I’ve worked with clients as they ride the weight loss rollercoaster … time and again beating themselves up for ‘failing’ or having no willpower. If you’ve been blaming yourself for weight loss failures, get ready to end this battle once and for all. This program will change your life!” - Donna Aston

"Losing 5kgs in the first week, was all the motivation I needed to keep going" Andrew McLean

The Aston Rx Metabolic program focus is on the correction of many common metabolic dysfunctions, which prevent us from sticking to a healthy eating plan and losing weight.

How does it work?

We’re cutting out the guesswork. Instead of the ‘spray and pray’ approach of most health and weight loss programs, we start with a customised blood test, using cutting edge science to identify your key biological markers and create your personal health profile to transform your metabolism, renew energy, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and trigger rapid fat loss
In just 28 days you will have completely reset the way your body functions and our support continues with your personalised maintenance program.


Commence 7 day induction program. In this transitional phase, you will receive step-by-step support to help you understand your body and metabolism.


You've entered the optimum fat-burning zone! Experience significant fat loss, increased energy, improved sleep and a feeling of wellbeing


We're mixing things up! In this week we start to mix things up to give your metabolism an extra 'kick'! The transformation is now becoming evident.


You're on the home stretch. Habits have changed, you feel calm, confident and well-informed. This week you really start to enjoy your new body.

Only $479 all inclusive
Buy Now, Pay Later option available

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Registrations for the program commencing 15 Nov 2021 close on 5 Nov 2021!


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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I blamed covid lockdown and menopause for my 15kg weight gain. I had tried every diet known out there and nothing seemed to work for me and I had convinced myself that i was going to carry this weight for the rest of my life. Doing the Aston rx program i was educated how to nourish my body properly and in the process not only have i lost just over 6 kg but i feel that my inflammation and aches and pains in my joints have been eliminated. The program has been easy and i never went hungry. There ... read more

No looking back!
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Long term weight loss and rejuvenated gut health is not magic. It's science.

You can give the gift of health to the ones you love with $50, $100, $200, $300 or $479 gift cards now available online. AstonRX cuts all the guesswork out of losing weight, with a 28-day metabolic program completely personalised to the individual. Our 28-Day Gut Rehab program helps to improve overall physical and mental health with a healthy, balanced gut.

Help your loved ones kickstart their 28-day transformation with a gift that really does keep on giving!

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