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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have enough energy to exercise?

It's a common misconception that we may curl up in the fetal position and feel lethargic and weak when we ‘diet’. On some programs, this may be the case, however, the program is structured precisely to create changes in the way your metabolism functions, so you will, in fact, have more energy to exercise. With the intermittent nature of the scheduling and specific timing of meals, you will experience (by around day 5) a boost in your metabolic rate and growth hormone output, giving you an almost euphoric feeling. Your blood sugar will be more stable than ever as your body switches over to burning stored body fat as its primary fuel source. The result – fat loss and endless energy!

How important is it that I exercise on this program?

VERY! I used to say that nutrition was 80 per cent of the fat loss equation, however, I now know it’s 50-50 exercise and nutrition. Contrary to popular belief, the exercise is not about burning calories. Regular exercise changes the way your metabolic system functions – increasing insulin sensitivity (your muscles have a bigger appetite to draw sugar from your blood) and regenerating mitochondria (the ‘engine’ within your cells). Basically the more muscle you have, the more metabolically-active tissue you have and the more fat you will burn, even at rest. Nutrition makes a great difference to improving half of your metabolic function, but exercise fulfils the other half. Consistency, intensity and frequency are imperative. Exercise is also important to improve overall strength and mobility.

Is there a specific exercise program to follow?

Along with your personalised nutrition plan, you will have access to our variety of on-demand workouts. Our team of highly trained fitness professionals have created dynamic workouts for all fitness levels to help you achieve your physical activity recommendations each week. Select from categories such as Stretch & Recovery, Muscle Activation, HIIT and Strength, and follow along at home.

If you are unfamiliar with strength-based exercise, or you have specific injuries or disabilities, we recommend that you contact a local fitness professional for guidance.

Are the supplements important?

In a word – VERY! The supplement regime (selection and timing) has been customised for your specific needs. Each has a purpose, from helping you to manage blood sugar and cravings to building a healthier gut, enhancing your digestive health and improving your cholesterol profile (if required). If you do not take them as outlined in your program, you risk sub-standard results.

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