Say Yes!

Can I eat this Donna? Can I eat a little bit of this Donna? Can I eat this sometimes Donna?

I have a NO button on my desk for a reason.

Am I tough? My dog Tilly doesn’t think so; my clients probably do, but then they thank me.

If someone insists they have to eat pizza every Friday night because it’s a family ritual, I’m not going to be belligerent and argue forcefully because that person probably already knows it’s not a healthy ritual. I just say 'Ok, well you’ll just take longer to get results.'

I don’t want you to think my program is all about saying No because, at its heart, it says a huge, life affirming, hug the world, screaming YES.

It’s about saying Yes to feeling better than you have for years, especially when you see those blood test results showing lower insulin levels keeping diabetes well and truly at bay or when you see the weight on the scales decrease, even though scales are just part of this picture.

There are so many benefits that out-weigh some of the initial challenges of changing the way you eat. Maybe you miss out on pizza but you’ll also be less bloated, have less joint pain, more energy and wake up before the alarm goes off because you’ve slept so much better.

And, yes, it’s true that your clothes will not only fit better but you will probably be inspired to buy some new clothes or even change your look entirely, to match your glowing complexion.

There are so many positive changes taking place in your body that your life also takes a different shape in ways you don’t anticipate.

What most people anticipate at first is failure and that’s because diets do fail. This isn’t a diet it’s a whole new way of life that will also likely lengthen your life. It definitely won’t make you starve to death either. It’s not crazy, it’s not extreme and it’s not dangerous.

As one of my clients said last year, 'I still eat whatever I want but I’ve just changed what I want.'

The shift in mindset is that close, helped by your body that tells you what it wants. It starts saying No to sugar and refined foods because it’s tasted the real thing and never wants to turn back.