Donna's Story

Donna's Story

Reclaiming YOU!

I was never a sporty kid, but I was tall and quite thin in my early teenage years, so didn’t really pay much attention to my diet, exercise or the scales. When I stopped growing ‘up’, I started growing ‘out’, and before I knew it, I’d gain over 25 kilos

Like many, I tried every crazy diet, only to fail miserably at each attempt. I was then dragged into a serious, blokey bodybuilding gym by a friend. It was a very intimidating environment at first, with large, fit men throwing around loud, heavy weights. Definitely not in my comfort zone and I was one of the only females there. Reluctantly, I joined and soon realised that I absolutely loved weight training and was pretty good at it! I set myself a crazy goal to compete in a fitness competition (yep, bikinis on stage!!) and over the next two years I had dropped over 30 kilos and totally transformed my body – so much so that I actually won the competition! 

As a result of my personal transformation, I then had dozens of men and women asking for my advice on training and nutrition, so I first studied as a fitness coach, followed by a degree in nutrition. 

I started working with private clients, ranging from the severely overweight, to competitive athletes and celebrities wanting to get in shape for a movie role or public event. My career led me to the USA and Europe working with private clients, which is when I began writing my first book. My clients used to say, “your teachings are so valuable, everyone should know about this stuff!”, so six published books later, I was excited to reach many thousands of individuals and help them to reclaim their health.

Through working closely with so many clients over the years, all from very different walks of life, different parts of the world, different cultures and a diverse range of personal goals, I realised there was a common thread – many were struggling with a loss of self-confidence and personal identity. The transformations are always about so much more than losing weight or dropping a few clothing sizes. I soon realised that I had the privilege of helping people to restore their self-belief and reclaim their identity as a strong, healthy, independent person. When we feel healthy and confident, we hold ourselves differently, have a powerful presence when we enter a room, we’re able to communicate with confidence, dresses with pride, commands respect from others and exude an inner sense of calm. Witnessing this inner ‘super-power’ evolve, time and again, feeds my soul. It’s why I do what I do!


“To inspire others, don’t show them your superpowers, show them theirs!” Donna Aston


Amongst the plethora of conflicting information on health and weight loss, it’s seemingly impossible to sort fact from fiction, making us feel powerless. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best life, so I’ve built this online platform, empowering individuals to regain confidence, and providing the skills to successfully manage your health (and weight) for a lifetime.

 When we’re empowered to thrive, we live our best life and inspire others to do the same.