Are you a yo-yo dieter?

Are you a yo-yo dieter?

The person who crashes from one diet to another like a yo-yo in a frenzy tells me something crucial, even when they go on and off my own program.


While I accept doing the program for a week will bring results and is a circuit breaker, I’d urge people to not put their blinkers on and think losing weight is the only point of focus here.

Think more about the reason you’re losing weight - making metabolic changes to your health. This is long-term. It’s not one week on, three months off.

The on/off approach is almost always about weight and that can come and go. Being healthy, both physically and mentally, is permanent. You don’t go `off’ being healthy only to switch back on in time for an important event where you must squeeze into your favourite dress or suit. It’s not getting to the heart of what we’re doing here.

Yes, most get results very quickly on AstonRX, but this isn’t about instant gratification. It’s about turning the lens inside and imagining you could see what’s really happening inside your body – maybe your heart is working overtime to pump thick, murky soup through your narrowed arteries, or the sugars are so high in your bloodstream they’re cooking your cells and visceral fat is strangling your liver. Then, you wouldn’t just do this for the occasional week. I’ve had clients whose triglyceride readings are so high in their blood tests that you can see the fats floating in their blood sample.

Being healthy and caring for yourself in a responsible way doesn’t mean being perfect but it’s about being conscious of balance. And that doesn’t mean taking three months, a month or even an entire weekend off being healthy. It may be one meal where you let loose, but it doesn’t need to be every meal until you switch into panic mode and jump back into the program. It’s like driving your car and slamming your foot on the accelerator then the brake!

It never enters my mind to endanger my health for that long. If the only consequence was weighing more on the scales, I wouldn’t care. Having an intimate knowledge of the health consequences because it’s my profession and my passion, means my commitment goes way beyond the scales.

I don’t mind being your anchor to return to when needed, providing some semblance of what’s right. I know that each time people dip back in, they pick up a good new habit they carry forward. That pleases me but let’s remember to always focus on health, not just weight.