Changing Your Diet Doesn't Have To Be Painful!

Changing Your Diet Doesn't Have To Be Painful!

Can you imagine never going on a diet again? Never counting calories, feeling hungry or being low in energy?

People have a pre-conceived idea that being 'on a diet' means restriction and is the source of pain, misery and deprivation. It means the food you’ll be made to eat has no taste, no variety, is incredibly complicated to cook and shopping for the ingredients will take days.

One of my clients who owned her own business would often tell me she had no time to cook and was worried about committing to AstonRX because she’d have to stop buying takeaway food. When I asked her why she couldn’t cook she explained that, for her, cooking meant getting home from work, finding a recipe, writing down all of the ingredients she had to buy and then race off to the supermarket to buy those items before heading hope to spend ages cooking it before even starting to eat her dinner.

When I explained that she could just grab a steak and a bag of salad, throw the steak on the BBQ and the salad in a bowl, she was so shocked. She had no concept of that being a diet, which is technically just the food that you eat, or what I call cooking.

Jamie Oliver helped dispel many of the fancy notions about cooking. He’d throw the onions here, toss a salad there and mess about in the kitchen with something fabulous to show for it in the end. He made cooking normal and accessible, which is it.

Our chef Andre is continually creating recipes that ensure you never even have the same meal twice on the 28-day program. There are beautiful condiments to enjoy and provide a variety of flavours. Everything is so simple to prepare. It’s dinner party quality at an every day level of fuss.

If that’s 'diet' food, then I’d like to see what special occasion food looks like.

If you’re willing to try new things, take a moment to understand just a bit more about food and expand your dietary and cooking repertoire, you’ll be sitting down to an array of beautiful foods you can consume and not be overwhelmed.

You won’t even know you’re on a diet. At worst, grab a cooked chook from the supermarket and some salad or whip up an omelette. Quick, easy, nourishing while improving your health and shedding kilos.