I've learnt so much

AstonRX was recommended to me by a colleague and I'm so glad I found it.

I was a snacker, I'd make the kids morning and afternoon tea and it became my habit too, especially that late afternoon slump to get me through to dinner. I knew nothing about insulin resistance and I'm so glad I know have an understanding of it.

Not only was I a snacker but also have a sweet tooth and I love cooking sweets foods, so a disaster for my poor body and insulin resistance any wonder my goals have been unachievable until now.

I struggled on some days in the program but occupied myself and got through, very pleased that I met my goal of 5kgs lost and excited to continue on the maintenance program.

Thanks to Donna and her team for prompt responses to questions on the forum and email, very helpful.

Thanks and I look forward to using up my increasing energy with my young family.