Happy couple

My husband and i joined the 28 day program after hearing about it on TripleM in Melbourne.

Being in lockdown we thought it was a good time to change our lifestyle - we couldn’t be influenced by our social life! The initial pathology results were a wake up for both of us. We both had elevated cholesterol and my husband with elevated insulin levels and heading towards pre-diabetic.


Over the years, we have tried diets, Lit’nEasy, boot camps, 12 week challenges and so on, but the 28 day program was one of the hardest things we have done. But also the MOST successful! After the initial few days of headaches and feeling hungry, we fell quite smoothly into the routine.


We initially had thought we were going to eat meat and steamed vegetables every night, but through the recipes and the forum discussions, i realised how much i could do with our meal plan. Fortunately, I love to cook so experimented with adapting favourite recipes into some delicious meals, so that we never really felt we were missing any flavour.


We added the 10,000 steps to our daily program and some weight work, changed our sleeping habits, including no digital devices before bed, and even changed our nightly habit of sitting on the couch watching tv.


After the 28 days, we are both feeling fantastic. The weight loss has been amazing for my husband, who lost 11 kgs and myself who lost 6, even with a back injury in the last 2 weeks which limited my physical exercise. Aside from the weight loss, the health benefits and lifestyle changes have really amazed us.


I have ostearthritis in my fingers and have not taken any pain medication for this since week 2 of the program. I also frequently suffered bloating and reflux, which i have not suffered once on the program. Both of us are sleeping soundly, waking easily and exercising more.


We are now doing the maintenance program as we want to ensure we embed our new practices in our lifestyle long term. We highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight, but also improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Thank you Donna and team!