You'll never feel like you're doing it alone

This is the only program I've completed to the end feeling empowered and proud of my achievements instead of a failure and a quitter.

There are tough times through this, but trust the amazing advice and support from Donna and her team to help get you through, and also trust YOURSELF that you can do it!

You won't be alone on this program and whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed or need some support just go to the forum page where you can interact with other participants and ask questions to receive fast professional advice from Donna and her staff.

My advice: Be prepared with meal prep and freeze some meals for those busy times ahead. But also prepare yourself mentally. "Ride the wave" when old habits arise knowing it will soon pass, because it will, and you'll feel stronger every time you resist an urge.

I've lost 6.6kgs, improved my sleep immensely, have less pain in my joints and can move with more ease.

I've still got some weight to lose so joining the Maintenance program will no doubt teach me more about how wonderfully adaptive and resilient my body really is, how mentally strong I am, and how good simple wholesome food can heal and energise me for the next 50 years!