Under 100kg, self determination + astonrx = success!

Under 100kg, self determination + astonrx = success!

I gained 20kg over the pandemic / covid period and have struggled to lose weight since.

I've been staying around 103-105kg for over a year. I've been told I was pre-diabetic and that i may have PCOS & Insulin resistance, all of which didn't mean much to me other than I should look into it and make some changes.

I don't eat much (volume wise) and paddle 3 times a week (intense paddling / dragon boat paddling) yet i still can't lose any weight.

My friend had done this program 5 months ago and I was shocked by her results within such a short period of time, so finally this June I said to myself this is the chance, let's do it.

I have zero regrets and have lost up to 8kg within the last 28 days. The program is much easier to follow than expected (if you're determined). The food is actually quite amazing and the recipes are awesome.

Have a look at my image, it all comes down to presentation and what your perception of the meal is :)

The support team is super responsive and everything has been much easier than I thought. I'm so proud of my results and incredibly thankful to the Aston RX team & Donna for helping me achieve what seemed impossible.

I can't wait to go into my new lifestyle of yummy bone broth and vege-led meals, with my favourite meals and dishes added back into my life with moderation and tools & tips. Thank you so much, I highly recommend this program. After my travels, i'll be back for another program!

- Crystal