Such a huge change in a short time

My weight had been creeping up slowly each year, and every time I’d see a jump on the scales I’d try a new diet to try and get it under control, I’d lose a few kilos, get frustrated, give up and then put the weight back on (and then some!)

I heard about AstonRX and loved the idea that it is personalised and science backed. I thought I’d give it a go... I’ve tried almost everything else.

What a change though... AstonRX is just so easy to follow, the food doesn’t cost a fortune, and above everything else it just makes sense!

In all I lost 9kg during the 28 day program, and I’m never looking back. I still have a way to go to reach my goal weight, but now I have the tools to get there!

Thanks Donna and team for changing my life for the better!