Rachel & Darren's Transformation

Rachel & Darren's Transformation

My husband and I both decided to sign up to the Donna Aston program to re-ignite our passion for a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

With the onset of CoVid-19, we had both lost motivation to exercise and our diet certainly needed some work (not easy when your teenage daughter works in a bakery and brings home delicious treats every shift!).

We both love a drink (as our celebration photo on Day 28 of the program on my birthday shows) and a cup of tea and a Tim Tam at night but we were ready to change. Darren had heard about this amazing program on Triple M and suggested we both give it a go.


The decision to invest in our own health was one of the best we have ever made. With three children aged 11, 13 and 16 and both working full time it was time to put ourselves first. We were ready to commit to the changes we needed to make - not just to lose weight but to regain our positive mind set. In reflecting on our first 28 day journey, there was no aspect that was more difficult or more easy - it all just worked.

We followed the plan exactly as it’s designed - no alcohol or snacks and 3 litres of water each day. I meal planned, shopped and meal prepped on a Sunday so that the pressure was taken off during the week a little. We quickly adapted to the program, adding in regular strength training, walking and running. By Day 27, we managed a 10km walk/run - something we hadn’t achieved for many years. The best part of our journey was that we did it together and achieved the goals we set.


Between us we lost over 15kgs over the 28 days which we are both extremely pleased with. The other amazing part of the program is the continual support we received from Donna and her team. This certainly helped keep us on track and is one of the reasons I’ve decided to sign up for the maintenance program.

The 28 days was only the beginning and we are now looking forward to embracing this new way of life for better health, better mindset and reaching new goals together.