On the right track

I was going to wait until I reached end goal but thought it was good to give an update and potentially some inspiration to others.

I was miserable and been on the weight loss roller coaster all my life. After hearing Donna speak on the Hot Breakfast and how this program was a way of life and not just another fad, I decided to give it my all and change for good.

This was the heaviest I had been tipping the scales at 111 kgs. The first few weeks were tough, with medication and coming off my addiction to sugar.

Donna and her team were always there, I emailed her and within an hour or two I had a response - an email or a phone call. I had my doctor onside too, both of these things made all the difference to me, I knew I had the support to get through the tough times.

I really liked not having to wait until I reached someone elses view of the weight I should be before getting the maintenance program. Really like the flexibility now, and am following the not negotiables. I have lost over 20kgs and feel better than I have in years.

Thanks Donna and the team for the support :)