New Lease of Life

Hi Donna Over the past 5 years I have gradually increased my weight. Just a few kilograms a year. Then earlier this year I was 91.6 kilograms. Shirts were tighter and I had suddenly gone up a size. I wasn’t as fit as I used to be, stopped exercising and felt tired all the time.I am turning 60 next year and needed to halt this trend.I heard you talking on the radio and thought during lock down why not give it a go. I took the 28 day challenge and have lost 10.7 kilograms have started running again. The program provides a routine and structure that I needed.The maintenance program will keep me going and has not only made me lose weight but improve my general health as my cholesterol was high and so were my insulin levels. Thank you for your program giving me the chance to change my lifestyle and be healthy again. Regards Mark