Meaghan's Transformation

I was extremely hesitant to step outside of my 'unhealthy comfort zone' that I had been living in for so long and I had come to accept that a size 14 was my now normal frame.


Given I am short I was not sitting in the healthy weight range. It wasn't until my blood test results showed me just how unhealthy I actually was. The shock of it made me determined to change my ways.

Once I started the program it wasn't long into it that I started to experience a lot of nausea and I was ready to give up.

Thank goodness for Donna!

Donna knew exactly what I needed to incorporate in my meal plan and change slightly, and before I knew it the nausea I had been putting up with disappeared. It didn't matter what time I emailed Donna or needed to speak with her, she was always there and willing to help and listen.


I have now finished the 28 day program and moving into the Maintenance phase and I am so excited. I have lost 7.7 kilos so far and have another 8 to go, and I now know that this is achievable. But it wasn't just about the weight, it was the cycle of bad habits everyday that I couldn't break.

I have now broken all my bad eating (and drinking) habits and have never felt so good. I don't feel guilty when I eat, I am sleeping better and the level of energy I have is something I haven't felt in years. My daily headaches have also disappeared so its safe to say I feel like a new person.

For the first time in my life I now understand food and how my body works, something I will have for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much Donna for all your guidance, knowledge and most of all support. I will be recommending this program to anyone and everyone because I just cannot believe how easy it was to drop unwanted weight but make healthy changes within 28 days!