I've 'Flattened the curve' and now finding a new 'diet normal'

This is the first diet or weight program I have ever been on so was a little unsure of what to expect.

On day 3, I felt completely washed out and was struggling to think clearly and felt tired. However I hung in there knowing my body was adjusting to the absence of sugar, caffeine and alcohol and things got better pretty quickly.


As I learnt what and when to eat, I found myself not being hungry and my cravings for sugar and alcohol reduced. My weight started to reduce and I was sleeping well and feeling good. Being locked down in Melbourne gave me the perfect opportunity to exercise more and I was walking most days but didn't do much in the way of weight training. I have just finished 4 weeks of maintenance and am ready to go it on my own, knowing what I have learnt along the way.


I haven't quite reached my weight goal but my weight has been stable over the past 4 weeks, despite having indulged quite a lot since being on maintenance. So having 'flattened the curve' I am now trying to find a new 'diet normal' that is sustainable but doesn't lead to weight gain.


So far, I have managed to achieve this without being too strict so am pretty happy and am confident I will be able to maintain the lifestyle going forward. Thanks Donna and team for all your wisdom and support. It's much appreciated.