It was time to get healthy

It was time to get healthy

Covid lockdown and lack of discipline had me at my top weight and drinking alcohol most days and 'treating' myself with sugary snacks.

I wanted to use the last 2 months of lockdown to come out healthier and feeling better. My friend Emma Dumas told me about AstonRx and I joined the program in September.

The first few days were challenging but the results flowed quickly and my improvement in health and digestion were highlights. I loved the food and experimented and made up my own recipes. I had a reasonably healthy base previously on fresh foods but stocking up on all the available veg and salad options meant that my meals were fun and interesting.


My partner loves the food and also feels more healthy. The thought of Fasting was a little scary but it turned out to be fine and my homemade beef broth fills those urges and keeps me going. I have just done a month of maintenance and lost a couple more kilos. I

find the Fasting really 're-sets' me if I have strayed and over indulged. I look forward to continuing to follow the rules and to testing my bloods to see how I have progressed. I am 6.5kg lighter and feel great.

Thanks to Donna and Emma and the team.