Great result!

I have been wanting to lose weight for almost 12 months and I have tried various ‘diets’ which were unsuccessful.

I realised I needed to be provided with instructions on what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat etc. The AstonRX program is all of that and more.

My journey through the 28 day program was fantastic! My tailored program did not leave me hungry (the amount of food I was able to eat surprised me) and it was very easy to follow.

The recipes were another great addition, adding some enhanced flavour to the base ingredients you consume on this program when you wanted it. The exercise videos and daily support tips and articles were essential components for me as I was able to learn and understand what the program was conditioning my body to do. I quickly learnt that it wasn’t rocket science and I instantly started to see and feel my body transforming.

My goal was to lose 10kg (to be honest, I would have been thrilled to lose 5kg). After the 28 days I weighed in 10.4kg lighter than my starting weight and I feel fantastic!

I’m thrilled with the result and would recommend you consider this program if you want to lose weight, but more importantly, to understand more about how your body reacts to various foods and what you can do to retrain it so you can be the best version of yourself!