Exceptional program

Having allowed excess kilos to creep on over the past two years I felt powerless to change the pattern I was in.

I reasoned it was the stress of a long term work project and the joys of menopause. With a science background when I read about AstonRX it made complete sense and I knew it would work.

Interestingly I hit the Electrolyte roadblock and suffered rapid heart rate and shortness of breath symptoms. I very quickly shared this with Donna and she was brilliant. She called me and we ascertained what was happening, and with further tests and intervention all slowly settled.


I feel fantastic as I come to the end of the 28 days. With me its not the 6 kilos I have lost so far but the amount of abdominal and girth fat that has melted away. I awake in the mornings like I haven't done for a long time.

My 6am fitness classes are a joy now. I smile more and I sleep like a log. I am rediscovering my wardrobe and will continue on the maintenance program to remain amongst like minded individuals for now.

Thank you Donna and to all make sure you value the electrolyte information. A game changer for me.