David - My big guy CHALLENGE

Ok, this is my big guy challenge. I'm 6'5 tall and halfway through lockdown (in Melbourne) I blow out to my heaviest ever weight of 143 kg through overeating, eating junk, drinking, no gym, bored and working from home I fall back into some really bad old habits. I have successfully lost a lot of weight in the past on bodytrim and the man-shake, but have always managed to put it back on over time for one reason or another. Now as a big guy, I have always been able to put on weight quickly, I've always said even by smelling food I add weight. (lol). After hearing of the AstonRX program on MMM, I looked into it to have another attempt at becoming a fit and healthy me again before I needed to be cut out of my house at the end of Stage 4. It was the "blood-test" week(s) before you start that separates the AstonRX program from anything I've done in the past and it got me thinking maybe there was something out of balance as to one of the reasons I added weight quickly and struggle to lose it at times. So I signed up and BINGO I was shocked at my blood test results and they were a real eye opener that I needed to change and change quickly. In the 2-weeks leading up to the start of the 28-challenge I started to change some bad habits and dropped 3kg but still weighed in at a solid 140.1 kg on day 1. I must say, the challenge was pretty easy as all the food I were allowed to eat were foods I liked, I just got lazy over time. I really thought I would struggle with 5 hrs gaps between meals and the extended fasting periods, nope not at all. No alcohol was challenging as it was the AFL Finals and my beloved Tigers were doing me proud yet again, but I stayed strong, except for one JD (sugar free) can on day 27 halfway through the last quarter of the GF. (Go Tigers). Coffee was another challenge, but black, no sugar with pure cream is the only way I drink it now and really enjoy it. My Overview: Week-1 = 5kg loss. Week-2 = 2kg loss. Week-3 = 2kg loss Week-4 = 3.1 kg loss TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS OF 12.1kg in 28-days and reached my weight loss goal weighing in at 128kg. I feel amazing, sleeping like never before and waking up refreshed the next day ready for life. I've continued the challenge on my own after the 28 days ended and have continued to drop another 1.7kg to now weigh the lightest I've weighed in 7-8 years after losing a total of 16.7kg since I went "hollysh*t" after stepping onto the scales. I have more energy to play with my kids and I'm looking forward to another cricket season but a lot learner and fitter now. My partner told me I have a nice bum the other day and my mates who I've seen since the end of lockdown can't believe the newer me. I need to go clothes shopping and I even put some hoodies in the dryer to shrink them. Lol. Anyway, thanks AstonRX program, I will use the wizdom I've received and continue to put my health, fitness, happiness, kids and partner first, before a big fat hamburger and 10 beers. To all the big guys out there, you can do it as well, give it a go.