David's Transformation

The 2020 year posed many challenges for me - as it has for many others. I spent the best part of the year caught in a cycle of dissatisfaction and depression which led me to lose focus on healthy eating and general fitness.


In short, the culminating effect was that I gained weight alarmingly. To be clear, I was never a health guru or a fitness fanatic and I was always carrying weight before this year. By October, 2020 I had resolved I needed help to actively attack my circumstances.


I am an avid Triple M listener and decided to engage with the Aston RX program off the back of Donna's chats with the Hot Breakfast team. This was my solution to attack my health challenge Head On. I have just completed my 28 day program and I have had a great time on this journey. I was motivated by the clear goals that I had set myself and the clear and justified guidelines / rules that were laid out as part of the program.


This meant making sacrifices in relation to food/beverage choices. In terms of feeling a loss - Yes I felt that! But I understood this as being part of my journey and it required my focus. I mainly missed the small things:- milk in my tea; tomatoes in my salads; a beer with my mates. What I have not missed is the 12.4kg of weight I lost over the 28 days.


I learnt a lot from the Forum and Blog environments on the Aston RX Website. Whilst I am not by personal nature a Forum contributor I greatly appreciated the contributions made by other program participants and the constructive responses from the Aston RX team.

The 28 day journey helped me in many ways to dig myself out of a mindset hole. I met my weight loss goal and now feel empowered to manage the continuation of a healthier lifestyle. I have signed up to the maintenance program with a view to losing a bit more weight leading up to the challenging Christmas break. Thank-you Aston RX.