UroColor 10 - Urine Test Strips

UroColor 10 - Urine Test Strips

UroColor 10 - Urine Test Strips - 100 Test Strips

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Results in only 60 seconds

Easy interpretation

High humidity resistance

No colour change after testing is completed

No colour spread between pH and Specific gravity

Storage information

Long shelf life: 24 months.

Please note results are only general and may require further testing.

This method of testing is by no means a substitute for medical check-ups and advice.

About UroColor 10 - Urine Test Strips

PRE-SCREENING | URINALYSIS (100 test strips)

Urinalysis (urine testing strips) is a simple, at-home test that analyses at a small sample of your urine. It can alert you to anomalies that may warrant further investigation and more thorough testing by your doctor.

Testing throughout your program may assist in determining your hydration levels, the type of fuel your body is using and whether further tweaking of your menu is required.

UroColor 10 tests for the presence of the following markers in urine:


The presence of blood in your urine warrants further investigation by your doctor. It may be an indication of a UTI or may be related to your kidney or liver function.


Bilirubin is a waste product from the breakdown of old red blood cells, which are normally removed by the liver. Its presence in urine could be a sign your liver is not functioning well.


If this marker is out of range, it may indicate issues with your liver function. Your doctor will need to do further testing to identify the cause.


This is a measure of the ketone concentration in your urine, helping you to determine and moderate the type of fuel your body is burning.


High protein in your urine may suggest your kidneys are not working as they should and warrants further testing by your doctor.


The presence of nitrate in your urine most commonly means there is a bacterial infection in your urinary tract.


A higher measure of glucose in urine could indicate a health problem, such as Diabetes. Your doctor would need to perform further testing to determine the cause.


This marker analyses whether your urine is too acidic or alkaline. A pH above normal may be a sign of kidney stones or a urinary infection.


Never sure if you’re drinking enough water? This marker assesses your hydration level.


Urinary tract infections are commonly referred to as UTIs. High levels of this compound may indicate a possible UTI. 

UroColor 10 - Urine Test Strips
Regular price AUD$47.00
Sale price AUD$47.00 Regular price