Designs for Health Active Muscle Collagen Powder
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Designs for Health Active Muscle Collagen Powder

Prescription required to purchase this supplement

This product is available exclusively to AstonRX members. This is a Practitioner-Grade product, available for individuals under the care of a Practitioner.

If taking any medication, always consult your prescribing physician before adding new dietary supplements to your regime.

No Added Gluten
No Added Preservatives
No Artificial Flavours or Colours
No Added Sweeteners
No Added Nuts
No Added Soy

Directions for use

Add water to one scoop (15g) of Active Muscle Collagen once per day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet

Key Ingredients

Bodybalance® Hydrolysed Bovine collagen 15 g

About Designs for Health Active Muscle Collagen Powder

  • Good source of protein, providing 100% highly purified bovine collagen peptides (hydrolysed collagen).
  • Low molecular weight collagen peptides (3500g/mol).
  • Protein contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.
  • Protein supports bone maintenance.
  • Highly soluble, low viscous powder with neutral taste and smell.
  • Heat stable at high temperatures.