New way of life

I had contemplated joining the RX community for 6 months and finally took the plunge. So worth it!

The program has taught me about the science behind sustainable weight loss. Eating healthy, nutritious food at the right times, the importance of intermittent fasting and incorporating exercise that I enjoy. Knowledge and skills I can utilise for life.

The benefits were 9kgs weight loss, better sleep and overall improved general health. No IBS flare ups and no calorie counting!…finally!!!!

Donna and the team customised my plan to accommodate my food intolerances. There was a lot of flexibility and options within the daily eating plan. At first I was petrified of the fasting but found it a welcome addition because some days I was just not hungry.

The forum offered lots of interaction with members and useful discussions and tips. In addition, the RX team were always available to answer questions and clarify any queries very quickly. I have tried for 10 years plus to achieve what I did in 28 days on the program. This is now my way of life. The skills and framework learned will hold me in good stead moving forward. My only regret is not having done the program sooner.