MORE than JUST weight loss!

I initially signed up for the AstonRX program purely for rapid weight loss potential.

Whilst my actual weight on the scales did not drop as quickly as I would have liked, I ended up with so much more than I had expected from the 28 day program!


I was able to learn about the impact of insulin on fat storage, discover delicious healthy meal choices, and develop a new disciplined lifestyle where health and a positive mindset are the key focuses.

The best part of the program for me was never feeling hungry. Sugar cravings, feeling hangry, and scoffing down high-carb foods as a quick fix (then feeling guilty about those food choices) are things of the past. The 4 weeks have been challenging but I constantly found renewed motivation to stick to it as I saw steady progress trending in the right direction. I feel more confident, cleaner, more energetic, more toned (less jiggly!) my clothes fit better, and I feel in control of my metabolism.

I can't wait to continue to strive towards my weight loss goals with Donna's guidance!