Mandy's Transformation

Mandy's Transformation

I had tried so many diets and nothing was moving my weight until a treasured friend suggested I give AstonRX a go.

My weight dropped off so incredibly quickly and I wasn't hungry after I got through the first week. I have lost 10kg and I cannot believe just how much better I am feeling.

My body isn't in so much pain, I have more energy, I am sleeping better and I look forward to exercising. I love to cook and found the recipes so inviting and delicious. The fact that the food is fresh and you prepare it yourself, was so appealing to me.

The philosophy behind this lifestyle program is unique and makes so much sense. I have learn't so much through the daily post's and information that is upload onto your dashboard. The forum is such a positive support and I looked forward to each morning reading everyone's suggestions, thoughts or insight to what they found difficult or helpful.

Please, if you need to lose weight and want to feel so much more energised, do this program. I am so pleased I did.

Thank you all to the fabulous team at AstonRX.