I've lost weight and been educated!

I've lost weight and been educated!

The extended upon extended lockdown in Melbourne really took a toll on me and pushed my mental health to the brink of despair.

To counteract, I turned to food and alcohol, trying to have something to look forward to and reduce the anxiety and stress that I was enduring through the personal circumstances in our household as a mother, partner, employee and individual.

Of course the result of the eating and drinking was weight gain and a generally unhealthy body and this made things worse as I have always taken pride of being fit and active, despite age starting to play a major factor (I've just turned 55).


Along came AstonRX which my partner heard about and suggested it could be a good way to kick-start myself into a better and more healthy 'me'. Short answer after 4 weeks - it's done wonders and after diligently following it to the letter, I have lost 7.2kg and achieved my goal weight. It has had its challenges because I had to kick the bad habits I had got into, but overall I found it a really comprehensive programme that was easy to follow and everything made sense.


Donna's educative daily blog was fantastic in dispelling myths that we get told in this ever-expanding health industry and she peels things down into easy chunks of information that make sense. I have even copied some of the words of wisdom, just to enable me to look back and remind myself of what the facts really are and what is happening to my body on the inside when I go loose on a box of chocolates or a cheese platter!!


If you are looking for a way to kick-start your body into a healthier 'you', I highly recommend AstonRX. The support you receive online from the team is amazing and every question or query that is asked will be responded to super quickly - I was so impressed. I am now doing the maintenance programme for 4 weeks and I'm looking forward to having additional foods woven into my regime whilst maintaining the healthier body that I now have. :-)