Improved blood pathology

Improved blood pathology

Four years ago I gave up alcohol with the expectation that “the weight” would drop off – it didn’t.

After two years of "covid living" at home and not dining out I also had expected that my weight might decrease. It did but only marginally and there was a lot of comfort eating going on during the lockdowns. During this time I tried two other diet and fitness methods and while I gleaned some really useful information I just didn’t apply it - there was too much latitude for making choices and I seemed to be making bad ones.

I was really overweight, very unfit and really unhappy - my blood work indicated that I was pre-diabetic if not diabetic. Finally a girl at work mentioned she was having success decreasing her weight and cholesterol using the AstonRX method. I signed up and have had nothing but success over the past 12 weeks!

Thank you Donna and team my life and health is back on track. The protocol is simple and easy to follow and completely aligns with my values for fitness and diet. Real, whole foods not replacement shakes and powders. I was kind of eating well but my timing was way out and there was a healthy helping of sugar-filled and bakery products that was just putting everything I attempted off track.

I remember being filled with dread seeing the little note at the end of each day’s eating plan at 7pm saying “that’s it until breakfast have a good sleep” and thinking my nights will be so long and then we hit the intermittent fasting sessions but with the help of Donna and her team and other participants in the online Forums I have managed it all and it has now become second nature – so simple!

I have even become a “morning person” as my circadian rhythms are now in sync – amazing I have always been a night owl. And the numbers speak for themselves: 16 kg weight loss (so far), cholestrol 5.6 to 4.5, triglycerides 2.9 to 1.5, glucose fasting 6.0 to 5.0. I am so happy with these results – I still have a way to go but I am definitely on my way!