Feeling great

Feeling great

Thanks AstonRX I couldn’t be happier with my transformation.

Always tall and slim I found the gradual increase in my weight really frustrating.

I said I had 10 Kgs to loose when in fact it could have been more… I was ashamed, I hid in baggy cloths and hated the sight of myself.

I have now lost 11 kgs and fell great. I love the dress I’m wearing in this photo but sadly haven’t been able to fit into it for about 8 years…. It is now a looser fit.

Yes it takes discipline but I got through Christmas and my birthday without too much difficulty and love the constant information and blogs - it just helps make sense of what you are doing.

I’m finder it easier and easier to follow and make changes when going out, due to work or other commitments. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before and will make this a permanent lifestyle change thanks again.