Cathy's Transformation

Cathy's Transformation

My whole adult life I have always exercised and been mindful of what I eat and had been happy with my weight.


Almost five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had chemo which slammed me into menopause. When my treatment had stopped I very quickly gained 5 kilos. At 5 kilos heavier the side that I had the mastectomy on became very uncomfortable, I asked my doctor if we could correct the issue with surgery ... this was denied.


I then made a conscious decision to loose the weight. I made an appointment with Donna and set out to begin my new eating plan. At this point in time I was struggling a little mentally and wasn’t following the plan to the letter. I was not happy, I started buying a different style of clothing and the next size up to hide my thickening waist and disfigurement.


I made contact with Donna again, she suggested that I join the 28 day program as it offered support. I started the program, it was very educational it really helped me understand the reasons why we eat at certain times and why some foods are better than others. Also the timing of Donna’s post was impeccable, she understands the thought processes, when going through a weight loss plan.


In the 28 days my goal weight was achieved. My hot flushes changed from waking me from sleep with pain starting in my legs to then a big sweat to hardly noticing them at all. I now don’t take anything to sleep anymore as the flushes don’t wake me. The disfigurement from the mastectomy is no longer uncomfortable or as noticeable.


One of the most important aspects of me loosing that weight is not only how well that I feel but the confidence that I have gained back. Having cancer does kick you in the guts then it kicks again while your down. But thanks to the Aston team I no longer look at my body in disappointment and I truly feel the best I have felt in a long time. Thank you Donna Aston