#3 Diets Demystified: Navigating Complexity for Healthier Living

Trainable by Ryan Trainor
Donna Aston, one of Australia's foremost health experts, guides us through the intricate world of contemporary health. She will shed light on discerning fact from fiction and decode trending diets, exercise, and our everyday choices.
Donna Aston has been a pivotal health mentor and friend to me for years. With over 30 years of experience in health, fitness, and nutrition, she is a best-selling author who provides "Trainable" with insights on subtle yet impactful alterations to our daily routines.
And, of course, we'll address those 'simple' questions everyone has been itching to ask! This episode is particularly dear to me. I'm joined by my incredible brother, Lincoln Trainor, who has thrived in several careers. Additionally, we have an inspiring entrepreneur and close friend, Adam Knight, for a candid and profound discussion. Together, we'll examine personal health challenges, giving you an up-close view of live blood tests and critical health indicators influencing us all.
Our chat centers on the genuine repercussions of our health choices, the stories we tell ourselves, and our life decisions. Collectively, we'll address urgent health topics like heart disease and diabetes and probe into the pivotal role of insulin in our well-being. We will also debunk myths about metabolism, dietary choices, fasting, and exercise. Beyond mere facts, our conversation will highlight the emotional facets of food. It's not just about sustenance; it's deeply linked to our emotions. We'll navigate this emotional connection and unearth methods to make healthier food selections. Embarking on our wellness expedition, Donna will counsel us on kickstarting a fitness routine and underscore the significance of sustaining momentum.
This episode is set to offer an enlightening discussion. Donna draws from the thousands she has aided throughout her distinguished career and is the founder of AstonRX, and I'm excited to present this to you. Whether you're a health aficionado or just embarking on your wellness path, this episode is essential viewing!