understanding food is the key.


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I'm 51 and was 12 weeks post abdominal hysterectomy when my husband suggested we sign up to this program. I have to admit, I was not that enthusiastic but agreed. I was 74 kilo's (5ft 2") and felt my weight gain was due to age and post baby (late bloomer had baby close to 42). I was the heaviest I'd ever been and though walking 10,000 steps a day from 6 weeks post operation, I couldn't shift the weight. I wasn't gaining it, but I wasn't losing it either. I told my husband I could do this program if he was "Head Chef" (he's healthy and loves cooking). I've been to health retreats in the past so I knew healthy food could taste good if prepared the right way. Normally I don't have an appetite in the mornings, so I'd drink cappuccino's until midday (3 normally). My friend put me onto oatmilk - which I thought was healthy. It's not until the Donna Aston tutorials that I learnt about the effects of sugar and insulin. What I didn't know was oatmilk is full of sugar! So though not eating, I was essentially filling my body with 3 (bad) meals instead! Day one of this program I started eating eggs as a staple for breakfast. Baked, poached, scrambled with herbs - you name it. A hot breakfast that tasted delicious and filled me up. I ditched cappuccino's for long blacks with dollops of fresh cream and never looked back. The penny dropped. The answer to true weight loss is UNDERSTANDING GOOD NUTRITION! I had no idea. Within the first week the weight started to come off. At the end of 4 weeks, I dropped 5 kilos (and I'll admit, I did cheat on the weekends. I did have a drop of Pinot Noir). But the real motivating factor for me was the KPI's on the scales and subsequent blood tests. Visceral fat is now reduced and in the "healthy level". BMI has reduced I'm no longer classified "obese". Cholesterol is now in the healthy range. I can see my waist again and people tell me "you've lost weight" when I see them. I FEEL SO GOOD!!! I've even pulled my 5 kilo weights out of the cupboard for toning arms, squats for my butt/legs and added a morning plank to my daily walking routine. The better I felt, the more motivated I was. Today the program comes to an end. But this is just the beginning of a new lifestyle for our household. There's no turning back now. I like this "slow she goes approach" to weight loss. My goal is to ultimately get back to my wedding day weight (64 kilos) and I'm confident I will. Speaking of my wedding, it's improved my relationship too with my healthy husband. I'm now "meeting him in the middle" with my lifestyle approach. I even had to admit that he was right and I was wrong! I'm now "Head Chef" of my life, making the right food choices. Thank you Donna for literally changing my life (and most likely adding some longevity to it too!). And my husband too. Melissa. xxx