A Life-ChanGing opportunitY has been handed to me


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I have never been on a diet but I have tried to eliminate bread and pasta, but weight control and fitness never really lasted for me. I do Febfast every year for charity, I don’t drink for a month but I load up on so much sugar that I don’t end up much healthier at the end of the period - some weight loss but back to bad habits the first day of March or not long after. Covid-19 March to August was too much drinking, too much fast food and too much comfort food. I blew out to 90.5kg, my heaviest ever, I was tired all the time and foggy. I bumped in to a mate Sam Cooper who looked amazing and he told me about Donna Aston and that it had been life-changing. He said I’d lose 4kg in the first week and I didn’t believe him (but I did). I resolved after that chance meeting to embark on the 28 day programme. I wanted to give up on night 1 but my wife talked me out of that and I’m so glad I stuck with it. The programme is challenging but it is NOT hard (it becomes interesting and fun and Donna’s Forum where you can join fellow participants and have questions answered in real-time is ELITE and a testament to how seriously Donna takes her programme and her clients - in this remote time the programme did not feel at all remote) and the results are worth every snack sacrificed and worth every adjustment to meals. Breakfast and lunch are “walks in the park” and dinner after a few nights is easy to adjust to. I’ve also learnt to cook, portion-size has been a revelation to me and I’ve had so much fun making my favourite dishes “Donna-compliant”. Steak tartare, Japanese food, oysters Kilpatrick and chicken livers are just a few! And with all this I have lost 10KG in 28 days. I couldn’t believe it, my wife couldn’t either but it’s TRUE. I know we all hear this a lot but honestly, I’m not a diet person and never could have believed this weight loss. But it’s not just weight loss, it’s happiness, lighter and clearer mind and for the first time in so long for me, a sense of well-being. I’ve signed up to maintenance today because I want this to be life-changing and I’m committed to that challenge. I’m now on part II of my journey with Donna Aston and I couldn’t be more committed. I truly recommend this programme to anyone that is in my “old shoes”; too much drinking, bad eating with no boundaries and a little stuck. This programme works, it delivers and it becomes fun and informative. Do it, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain and like me, if you stick with it, you too will be thanking Donna, her Team and Aston-RX. From the heart, John Albrecht