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Goals Achieved: General Health, Better Sleep, Weight Loss

Firstly, full transparency – I have recently begun working with my old (known each other since the mid ‘80’s!) friend Donna on her amazing Aston RX Program. I actually did the program in its infancy in 2017, with great success at the time and afterwards maintaining much of what I’d achieved. Coming to the program already very familiar with the eating, supplements, exercise side of things, I’d yet to experience the Aston RX on-line platform and felt it very necessary that I jump on and experience it myself, in order to work with it and our clients on it. And, let’s face it we’ve been in isolation, stressing about the very strange COVID world that we’re currently living in, I like many had certainly been right through the spectrum of drinking too much, eating too much and in general losing the plot to a large extent! So I set myself up and registered and have now completed the 28 day program and am heading in to the maintenance. I was already pretty fit, and not really overweight – but I could feel and see an ‘Iso’ difference - so I set my goal for 5kg weight loss over the 28 days. I LOVE FOOD & COOKING! So it’s easy for me to work out ways to use my allowed plant foods and proteins in every meal – but having the recipes there to go to for inspiration was fantastic. But for me and I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen, the information and education every day on my Dashboard and in the Forum was just phenomenal. It was like my mind (& body) was being read – every day you open it up and what you’re seeing or reading is exactly what’s happening to you! Everything about Aston RX is there for a reason and the results speak for themselves – I lost 4.6kg of fat and more importantly I feel amazing. Clear headed, sleeping so much better, amazing energy and the iso muffin top has gone! To walk away from Aston RX armed with the knowledge that you gain while doing it will set you up for life. Emma Dumas