Feeling Fabulous!

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Goals Achieved: General Health

I signed up to Donna Aston after listening to Eddie on Triple M who achieved great success from the program. I had thyroid surgery 12 months ago and had put on around 5kg due to my metabolism slowing down. I have lost 4.5 kg in the past 21 days and feeling fantastic in such a short time. I have learnt so much about how the body works and the foods which trigger insulin response. I have been very impressed with the continued support offered by the program in particular the forum and being able to email Donna and speak to her directly about any concerns. I want to stay on the Maintainance program to gain further valuable knowledge on keeping the weight off and not going back to bad habits. It was awesome getting in my bathers and having fun with my grand daughter, looking forward to the summer in a much better mental & physical state. Thanks so much Donna and your awesome team. Deb