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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I was at a stage in my life where i knew i had to do something to get my health back in order. I had tried different diets over the years and nothing had really worked. I wanted to be able to play with my son for longer and not feel sad when i saw myself in photos. When i heard Donna's ad on MMM i thought this was a perfect opportunity to give it go. I am SO happy I did. While it was hard initially and I needed to work at maintaining my focus on the end result and not look for short sugar fixes. I am now at a place where i can see a definite way forward. This is due to the clear guidelines, advice and support provided by Donna and her team. I am healthier now than i have been in a long, long time and i am going to ensure that i use the learning from this program to make sure i don't go back to being so unhealthy again. Thank you for changing my life Donna.😀