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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I heard about Donna’s program on TripleM from Eddie. I was 65kg (I’m 5ft tall), in the midst of Covid lockdown, feeling slightly depressed with how I looked and felt and really needed a healthier lifestyle and get back to a healthy weight. Astonrx gave me the exact motivation I needed. This program is so simple and was so easy and because you see results fast it inspires you to keep on going. Eat at the right times, adjust your portions and what I really love about it is you eat what suits your body because the program is specifically tailored to you - and simply walk for exercise. I cannot thank the support from all the team enough either. Whenever I had questions the girls got back to me straight away and were so encouraging. Now at 56.5kg I’m feeling so much fitter and healthier & I’m happy. I reached my goal weight and now aiming for a couple more kilos which still puts me in my healthy weight range. If you are looking at weight loss and improving your lifestyle I highly recommend you do the Astonrx program. My friends saw this pic of me and I’ve already encouraged two to sign up. I should also mention unlike other programs that provide you with their food, Donna’s program teaches you how to shop, select & portion your meals so once you finish the program you can continue a normal, healthy food selection & lifestyle. Good luck - you won’t look back. Trust me