Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

I have been a huge fan of Donnas ever since I read “Fat or Fiction” and followed her principles ever since! I was lucky to conceive two children naturally and recover well. My son was born 4 months ago and I knew there was only one woman who could help me get my body back into shape! Donna of course! I am exclusively breast feeding my son so naturally I was concerned about my milk supply while on the program. Donna reassured me that she would guide and coach my through the program to avoid any adverse reactions. She literally was there for me day by day and at times hourly to answer my questions, feedback and concerns. This is bizarre to say but we decided half way through week 2 to tweak the program more towards maintenance because I was losing too much weight! I lost 3.5kg in week 1 and then another 1kg the following few days of week 2. That’s right; it was happening to fast that we needed to slow things down! So now I’m following a tweaked maintenance program without fasting but of course following her primary principles. As a busy mum of two young children I needed a simple program that was easy and did not leave me for hours the kitchen for hours. The program is is simple enough to not be too much but enough to keep you engaged, energised and full of course! The program is worth every penny and that doesn’t just include the meal plan - there is a great forum of team members who are engaged curious and supportive, and wonderful staff including Donna herself to support us all daily, even hourly if required! The only thing you lose weight! Stacey