body and mind transformed!

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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss, General Health

My husband enrolled the both of us to the 28 Aston Program. Truthfully I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit it into my crazy schedule in between juggling two small children and my own business. I decided to treat it as ‘me’ time which I hadn’t enjoyed since before children and fully commit to the program. There’s never a perfect time to start in between high teas and a very social career so I bit the bullet and decided it’s just 28 days what’s the worst that could happen?! My blood test results showed that I was lacking in several areas which were a surprise to me so that became my first change. The food plan was at first, difficult as I don’t eat meat so I was challenged to explore new recipes and the Aston blog was invaluable to me with a variety of recipes and daily videos that I drew inspiration from all the time. My husband reached his goal weight within 2 and a half weeks and most people on the program had talked about feeling great within a couple of weeks. This disheartened me because I couldn’t understand why my progress wasn’t the same. After speaking to Donna and deciding that I was going to accept that my journey is different to everyone else that’s when my transformation really started to take shape. After 7 weeks I had lost over 11 kilos and I was feeling and looking better than I had hoped. I had dropped two dress sizes and have buns of #steele thanks to my PT, Laura. My strength training coupled with my healthier eating choices has seen my body and mind transformed. I am now sleeping better and my understanding of how my body works is knowledge that will carry me forward. I highly recommend the program because after the 28 weeks are over it becomes so simple to continue and who doesn’t deserve to feel better.