Without doubt the most effective, fast and achievable diet regime I have ever undertaken

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Goals Achieved: Reverse Diabetes, Weight Loss

“For years I’d been trying to lose weight. I’d tried a variety of diets… plus hit the gym doing the weight classes and cardio, I tried yoga, swimming and cycling. While I did tone up a bit, no matter how hard I tried, I could never shift the fat that hung around my stomach. I’d ballooned to nearly 100 kilos when Donna’s program offered me a life-line. I went for blood tests which showed, to my horror, I was a prime candidate for Type2 diabetes.  I immediately went on her program which mixed healthy eating at certain times of the day with exercise. Except for cutting alcohol, I found it relatively easy. The food was fantastic - a great mix of protein and veggies. After a week I added in some regulated fasting. My energy levels went through the roof. I’d never been a great sleeper but now found I was getting a fantastic night’s rest. I was waking refreshed and ready for the day. In that first week, the weight loss results were astounding - 6 kilos gone! By the end of the 28 days… I’d dropped a total of 14.1 kilos. I was lighter than I had been in decades and trying on new clothes. The mix of good eating combined with vitamins and supplements that Donna prescribed had also worked wonders on my internal body function. I was no longer at risk of diabetes.  All in all, it is without doubt the most effective, fast and achievable diet regime I have ever undertaken. I basically undid years of overindulgence in a month. The challenge going forward is to maintain a healthier lifestyle but this has given me the incentive to push on. I cannot thank Donna enough for her advice and brilliant program.  I’d recommend anyone who has struggled to get rid of hard-to-move fat to give this a go. It’s a month that could change your life, it did mine.”