Weight loss


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

Weight loss after 40 just seemed unobtainable. Slowly the kg just kept creeping on. Realistically I probably had 8 kg to lose, but the scales never went down. I thought what have I got to lose (other than the weight), so I signed up for AstonRX. Thinking I set a realistic goal of 4 kg in 4 weeks, I was blown away by my results. Total loss was 6.5 kg. Everyone around me was amazed at how much weight I was losing. Losing so quickly keeps you motivated and excited to see the changes in your body. The program was simple to follow and uncomplicated. I loved the forum, I figured if I had a question, others were probably thinking the same too. I’ve had a lot of gut issues over the last year but on the program I never had a problem. In fact I don’t recall the last time I felt this great. Within 5 days I was sleeping like a baby and all those niggling ache’s and pains were gone. Thanks for all the support and menu suggestions. All the guidance has been invaluable