Amazed at the results


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

Hi, I am a 48 yr old guy that liked a drink too much matched with only intermittent exercise. My job is mostly sedentary and I like a lot of men my age bracket I have let things get lazy and chased convenience over effort. I just want to thank the team at Donna Aston RX for the support, professionalism and confidence they have inspired me with which has resulted in a 9.3kg loss over the program. I have maintained this loss 2 weeks into the maintenance program and cannot stop shouting at the rooftops how spot on the program is and specific to my needs. I have learned so much and now appreciate the effort that is required to maintain a healthy and functional body heading toward your 50's ! I feel great, have so much more energy and are loving the comments from family and friends who have noticed my transformation taking place. I am determined to continue with a healthier lifestyle as a result of what I have achieved. I never thought I would be able to do it but I have and I achieved it far easier than I ever imagined. Thank you again for your support and thank you again for my new pre-Christmas / New Years body :) Scott O'Brien