Game changer


Goals Achieved: General Health

I've done lots of reading and research on health and well-being over the years and generally enjoy a diet rich in wholefoods. Over the past year have noticed that some undesirable habits have crept back in resulting in permanent bloat, lethargy and an inability to flex the willpower muscle! The science behind Donna's program appealed to me as did the fact that a thorough series of blood tests are carried out prior to the start of the program! When my results showed that I was becoming insulin resistant it was all that I needed to recommit to good health and well being for myself, making it a priority. I am the lightest I have been for two years, I am not bloated, my hormones have reset (energy in the morning and sleepy at night rather than the other way round) and I've realised that fasting in the morning 1-2 times a week was not working for my adrenals, fasting in the PM is a game changer for me! The other a-ha moment has been having one short black a day. Any more than that and I notice that I am more easily likely to graze in the afternoon, snack on sugar and overeat. I highly recommend the program. The blood tests help you understand what your body needs (or the path it is heading down), the (whole)food is back to basics and gives your body what it needs to peel back the layers so that you can move forward in good health.