Donna’s program worked step by step with me and helped me handle my hurdles

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Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

My name is Reema. Recently I did Donna’s 28-day program. I was 61.4kg and now 56.5kg. The program teaches you to eat wisely -3 solid meals. They seem hard when you first hear of them, but I can now vouch for them. There is enough food and it fills you up so well that you really stop feeling hungry. Being an Indian, my diet originally consisted of Rice/ roti( Indian bread). I was sure I would not be able to give this up. But it’s 3 months now and I am so confident and happy that I can say that I don't need it anymore. I have learnt to manage my meals when I travel and I had several options available whether you are travelling or you have a party to go to. Donna’s program worked step by step with me and helped me handle my hurdles. I run marathons. Recently I ran a half marathon while I was on Donna’s plan and I did better than I ever had! I can run faster, any time of day, and I am able to control the urge to go to the bathroom, which had been a problem for me for many years. I only wish I had started this program earlier. Once you pass week one the other weeks get easier and, by the 28th day, you certainly get the hang of it! I am continuing to do this program now by myself as Donna has made me confident that I can do it. I highly recommend this program if you are looking to lose weight the right way! Donna explains everything so well that you feel so motivated!