Suzie (age 52)


Goals Achieved: General Health

I stumbled across Donna's program, read some testimonials and as I had already read Donna's books many years ago I thought " I am going to do this and it will be last time I am spending money on another program" Very works. I hoped to achieve weight loss, reduce my continuous bloating and reduce inflammation in my body. The bloating has subsided and I no longer appear 6 months pregnant. My body is not "hurting" as it was and I can move more freely. I'm extremely tight from my neck to my achilles and require regular massage, I am still "tight" but this has reduced. I've lost more kilos in the last 4 weeks than I have in the past 2 years and I do not crave "rubbish". Still need to shed some more fat and then looking forward to getting in the maintenance program. The support on this program from Donna's team is amazing. Just do it, will not be easy but so worth it.