More than i anticipated


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss, General Health

I had never had an issue with my weight until the last few years. Suddenly it didn’t matter what I did or what I ate, I had to keep buying the next size in clothes. With early menopause and hashimotos I really wondered if the AstonRX program would work for me. I aimed at 5kg’s on signing up. The weigh-in and body fat composition was beyond shocking. Whilst my clothes size continued to increase, without scales I had no idea how much weight I had put on and the level of visceral fat. This along with the blood test results looked like a stroke or heart attack waiting to happen. To my great surprise I managed to lose 8 kg’s on the initial program followed by another 5 to date on maintenance. I actually struggled with consuming the amount of food on my plan during the 4 weeks. And whilst I didn’t eat much before I can absolutely see now where the issues were. I was also surprised that the weight has initially dropped from around my waist - no midlife spread. In the last week I reverted to some of my previous habits due to not being prepared and a number of social events. Interestingly the week highlighted a few other benefits of the AstonRX program that I hadn’t realised: bloating, crankiness and pain in my knees, back and arms due to inflammation. I felt that I was twice my age the way I struggled kneeling on the floor and being able to stand back up again. I hadn’t realised that these symptoms that had started before I began had disappeared whilst on the program until they were back again. Realistically I am probably almost 40% of the way to where I would like to be; however, on this program I am confident that I can reach my new weight goal, feel better and maintain it. This program and its concept absolutely makes sense to me. Thanks Donna and team. Kate