Met every expectation


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

After drinking nothing but water and following the eating program as required I can honestly say that other than the first few days coming down off my caffeine addiction that it wasn't all that difficult. You genuinely don’t really feel hungry and if you can be perhaps a bit more creative than I was with the meal options it’s probably even easier. I lost 10kg’s. More importantly I learnt a bit along the way about what causes weight gain (or more specifically what impedes your ability to lose weight). So while I can’t deny there are a few things I am looking forward to indulging in this week, I think if I do it with a bit more discipline I would hope/expect it to have negligible impact going forward. I probably didn’t do as much exercise during the period as I might have however I joined a gym this morning with a view to getting my cardio going again so being 10kg’s lighter should make that a bit easier on the knees too.