I feel like the real me!


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

My journey isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about finding the old me! After 3 kids and a stressful divorce I found myself looking in the mirror at someone I was unfamiliar with - I was carrying more weight than ever before, I looked tired and stressed. After hearing of the amazing results others had with Donna’s program I decided I had nothing to lose (pardon the pun :) 4 days out from finishing the 28 day program, I’ve finally found the old me I was searching for. Clothes that I haven’t worn for 10 plus years fit (are actually a little big! :) I’m sleeping for the first time in 3 years soundly and without sleeping tablets, my skin is glowing and I have a new level of energy that matches my kids!!! Donna, I truly can’t thank you enough. The program was so much easier than I ever imagined - I love its simplicity and structure as well as the support and feedback. I’m now looking forward to the maintenance program and keeping this new woman around permanently!!! Donna and team, you guys are truly a gift!!!! T H A N K - Y O U ! ! ! 👏