The bloat has finally gone


Goals Achieved: Weight Loss

When I attended Donna's information session I was skeptical as I'd tried so many different diets over the years and was concerned that astonrx was just going to be another one of my diets. However, I did sign up as there was just something that Donna was saying that seemed genuine and informative. Being 54 and trying everything I just believed that this was the size I was meant to be and the weight would never shift. I had been working out with weights regularly, however had no knowledge of what insulin did to my body. Being on the program has taught me all about insulin response and a light bulb has suddenly gone off and I now completely understand what I need to do to keep the weight off in terms of food, what types of food and how intermittent fasting works for me. The first week was very difficult as I was suffering from sugar withdrawals but the daily information I received really helped me keep on track and it was definitely worth the effort. I was amazed that I was never hungry and after 1/2 weeks my bloatedness had reduced significantly. One of the other fantastic benefits of being on the program was that I was sleeping soundly through the night, something I had not done for many years. The responses to all my queries were always answered promptly by either Donna herself or her assistant Briana and again, this kept me on track. I highly recommend Donna's program. I still have more weight to lose but it is so great to not feel heavy and bloated and it's wonderful fitting into clothes again which have not been worn for a very long time